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Online training and nutrition lifestyle planning

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Does your lifestyle suit your goal? try out ours...

Work online with our qualified Exercise Physiologists and Nutritionists to achieve your goals and create a lifestyle to keep them
Full access to personalised training app
Personalised strength & conditioning programming
Fortnightly Check Ins + Plan Evaluations
Functional movement screen + video technique analysis
Weekly meal plans and custom recipes
Specific Weekly Calorie, Protein, Fat and Carb Strategy
Access to the private Facebook community
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With a unique and personalised approach our Online training and nutrition lifestyle planning will enhance your lifestyle to help you eat healthier, get active at your own pace and discover new ways to get the results you want & maintain them long-term!

If you have access to a local gym, you can complete your workouts there. If you can't commit to a gym membership due to restrictions or other various reasons we can subscribe you to tailored home workouts specific to your body type and goals. All challenge participant's will have 100% online support through the in-app messaging system, emails, weekly texts/coaching calls, and group community/accountability within the training app.

Our Online training and nutrition lifestyle planning includes exclusive weekly workouts in our new and improved Grit Fitness training app, 12-weeks customised training and nutrition guide, weekly zoom-call accountability check-ins, and weekly carb, fat, and protein strategy (logged in myfitnesspal). Registration includes before and after measurements and photos, fitness testing, adherence to your program, You will also receive access to the closed community group to support you through your journey.

Our Online training and nutrition lifestyle planning is suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced gym-goer’s who are looking to transform their body and their life, need extra support and guidance with their training and nutrition, want to create healthy habits, want to be part of a community of like minded people, want to lose weight, build strength, build lean muscle, improve performance and improve mobility, have plateaued, become bored with their program or simply lost their way. Participants must be over the age of 16. Anyone under 18 must obtain parental consent. Our workouts are designed by an Exercise Physiologist and individualised for each participant.

As individuals differ, so do their results, even when using the same program. Training outcomes may include, but are not limited to fat loss, building lean muscle, and improvements in strength, performance, mobility, endurance and mental clarity.

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The Grit Fitness app syncs with Apple watch, Fit bit, and Myfitnesspal

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